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Buying Your First Home?

Our advisors can guide you through all the questions you have to make sure that you get the mortgage that meets all your needs and objectives.

First Time Buyer

Some of the important things you need to consider and which our advisors can give you advice on are noted below.

  •  How much can I borrow ?
  •  How much deposit do I need?
  •  What costs are involved?
  •  How much can you afford to repay per month?
  •  How long will it take me to repay the mortgage?

Although certainly not an exhaustive list the questions above are probably the most important ones to think about at first. Some of the questions have no definitive answer as every lender will view your case in a slightly different manner.

So, rather than visiting every lender in the high street and finding it hard to know which mortgage is best for you, you could save time and potentially a large amount of money, by contacting us and getting the very best mortgage quote for your situation. Let us do the hard work for you.

Whole Of Market Broker OR High Street Bank

As a Whole of Market Mortgage Advisor we have access to the vast majority of the mortgages available from the High Street Banks. The High Street Banks can only offer you their own products and so it’s unlikely they can offer you the best deal for your circumstances. Therefore we can look at all the deals available and advise you which one would be best for your circumstances. Some mortgage products are only sold through brokers, not directly to customers.

We will help you with the paperwork and deal with the lender on your behalf until the mortgage is completed.